good eats

Ernie's Market

Had my first "newbie" experience at  Ernie's Market today with my sister Nicole, brother in law Ben & niece Zuleika! A small cash only deli in Oak Park, MI that's been around since 1955. Ernie couldn't be cuter and getting a sandwich was an experience that started in a line worth waiting for. He enthusiastically greets each customer first giving you a handful of Hershey Kisses and trying to shock you with meats he pulls out with a "WHAMM!". The token "Yeah baby" and final "Who loves you...?" "You do.?!" "That's right baby. Ernie loves you." We'll be back...and we love you too Ernie. 

The Peterboro

Made my way out to The Peterboro last night with my sister Nicole + brother in law Ben. Tasty modern Chinese cuisine, good tunes, cocktails and friendly staff all made for a great nightThe beautiful interior was matched with the absurdly delicious cheeseburger spring rolls which very much lived up to their name. I was a vegetarian for 12 years and having just recently joined the meat eaters club I've found myself underwhelmed by any sort of burger I've had..beef..not really for me. Apparently until you make it into a spring roll. Holy hell, sign me up, and bring me three more.