Tonya...I think I love you.

I've been a planner kind of girl most of my life. Having had a freelance lifestyle for a large portion of my adulthood I've found it's my ultimate lifeline for productivity, accountability and remembering where on earth I said I would go, what I'd bring or do any given day of the week.

My sister Nicole of the amazing She Can Lift A Horse introduced me to Inkwell Press this year and more importantly our new aspiring BFF Tonya Dalton. These planners are next level guys...I'm serious! I'm not just planning my days, weeks and months's legit helping me plan my life and address all those pesky things I've put off for so long and track my progress (or lack there of...) on goals. For me, taking the time to write creates a great sense of acknowledgement and personal intention. In addition there are helpful weekly downloads, videos and an awesome podcast that help inspire continually checkin's with yourself and growth. Add this company, woman and lifestyle to one of the best things to come out of 2017 for me already. 

When you reflect so hard you need a nap.ย 

When you reflect so hard you need a nap.