Zuzu's First Birthday.

My nieces first birthday part was prettttty on point. Rainbows + unicorns FTW.

Egg Experiments

Blew out my first (duck) egg + took on what turned out to be a rather tedious task of decoupaging with butterfly wings, specially Morpho didius + menelaus. A good amount of trial and error made for a pretty result that forced me to sit quietly, work slowly and appreciate trying something new just for the hell of it. Thinking I want to try this again with some patterns in mind. 

Feelin' Myself

Courting myself pretty hard these days. 

Ryan in Detroit!

I was super grateful to have one of my best friends visit Detroit for the first time this past weekend. I met Ryan in Jersey City, NJ and I'm so excited and proud to see him making an exciting more to the west coast where I'll enthusiastically his new digs in Seattle! We ate bacon-wrapped hot dogs and delicious tacos at Imperial, loads of pie, cookies and coffee at Sister Pie, drank around town at Jolly Pumpkin, Batch Brewing Co.( a new favorite spot for me),and introduced Ryan to his first taste of Mead and a game of Pretty Pretty Princess at B. Nektar Meadery! We explored Detroits Eastern Market taking in loads of murals, and walking the Dequinder Cut to the waterfront, Belle Isle and more. AH, I wish Ryan could be here every day! Come back! Please!

Belle Isle

Took in a new happy place today at Belle Isle Conservatory + Aquarium!

Ernie's Market

Had my first "newbie" experience at  Ernie's Market today with my sister Nicole, brother in law Ben & niece Zuleika! A small cash only deli in Oak Park, MI that's been around since 1955. Ernie couldn't be cuter and getting a sandwich was an experience that started in a line worth waiting for. He enthusiastically greets each customer first giving you a handful of Hershey Kisses and trying to shock you with meats he pulls out with a "WHAMM!". The token "Yeah baby" and final "Who loves you...?" "You do.?!" "That's right baby. Ernie loves you." We'll be back...and we love you too Ernie. 

The Peterboro

Made my way out to The Peterboro last night with my sister Nicole + brother in law Ben. Tasty modern Chinese cuisine, good tunes, cocktails and friendly staff all made for a great nightThe beautiful interior was matched with the absurdly delicious cheeseburger spring rolls which very much lived up to their name. I was a vegetarian for 12 years and having just recently joined the meat eaters club I've found myself underwhelmed by any sort of burger I've had..beef..not really for me. Apparently until you make it into a spring roll. Holy hell, sign me up, and bring me three more.

Miss Van

Every Saturday I start my morning off at Eastern Market snatching up fresh fruit + veggies for insanely reasonable prices, grab a coffee at Germack, and stroll some shops and take in Murals in the Market. I love it, it's one of my favorite things about being back in Detroit. Inner State Gallery has quickly become of my go to stops to make and especially this week! My eyes lite up when I saw several Miss Van pieces and I couldn't leave without this one. She is pure magic!

I Feel Safer Here - Miss Van

I Feel Safer Here - Miss Van

Heartell Press

I'm a lover of handmade cards. I gift them, hoard them, swoon in delight + follow my favorite artists with anticipation of new releases. Basically going to NSS Stationary Show was the highlight of my year several years in a row when I lived in NY/NJ. Nothing makes me happier than browsing paper goods at some of my favorite small businesses. Since back in the mitten I've been getting my stationary fix on with regular rounds at City Bird + Signal Return. (Please share more with me!) New to my collection was Heartell Press who use recycled paper and hand-carved wood blocks, which is supremely awesome. I'm feeling so many in this Valentine section.

Tonya...I think I love you.

I've been a planner kind of girl most of my life. Having had a freelance lifestyle for a large portion of my adulthood I've found it's my ultimate lifeline for productivity, accountability and remembering where on earth I said I would go, what I'd bring or do any given day of the week.

My sister Nicole of the amazing She Can Lift A Horse introduced me to Inkwell Press this year and more importantly our new aspiring BFF Tonya Dalton. These planners are next level guys...I'm serious! I'm not just planning my days, weeks and months anymore..it's legit helping me plan my life and address all those pesky things I've put off for so long and track my progress (or lack there of...) on goals. For me, taking the time to write creates a great sense of acknowledgement and personal intention. In addition there are helpful weekly downloads, videos and an awesome podcast that help inspire continually checkin's with yourself and growth. Add this company, woman and lifestyle to one of the best things to come out of 2017 for me already. 

When you reflect so hard you need a nap. 

When you reflect so hard you need a nap.